Brodie McCluskey

Brodie has completed a bachelor of health science, clinical Myotherapy and has been practising for 7 years. Brodies passion for Myotherapy and treatment originally stems from his love of sport, specifically basketball.

Throughout his time practising as a clinical Myotherapist he has worked on people of all body types, ranging from the elderly to children to elite athletes.

Brodie approaches his treatments in a holistic manner and is passionate about assessing and treating all musculoskeletal dysfunction that causes pain.

Brodie loves the challenges that each individual patient brings to a treatment.

He can’t wait to help you out!

  • I come to see Brodie to "Keep my body feeling good whilst going to the gym and to keep injury free. Treatment has been above expectation and body has felt better than I thought it would. The treatment and how much beter I feel after is what I like about coming."

    Josie, Age 23Mitchem
  • Since receiving myotherapy I feel muscular relief and my mobility increases. I like the consistency of treatments and effect of treatments. I come because the therapists are fantastic both personally and professionally.

    Mitch, Age 28Malvern

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