Postural & Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical assessment, observation and diagnostic skills are very important to provide the best treatment.

Your myotherapist is a highly skilled health professional with excellent diagnostic skills to detect, treat and ultimately avoid musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Poor technique or posture is one of the most common sources of repeat injury.

A biomechanical assessment studies areas of asymmetry and how the body compensates for this elsewhere (postural analysis). It is this compensation which puts pressure on other parts of the body. Everyone will have some degree of natural and conditional asymmetry. For some people, this can cause pain or event permanent damage, under ongoing injury or extreme stress.

We can assess the biomechanical function of your overall body posture, your feet and lower limbs, and the relationship between these two. With this analysis, we will come up with a treatment program specific to your needs to correct any biomechanical malfunction.

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postural biomechanical assessment