Trigger Point Therapy

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Trigger Point Therapy Melbourne

Remedial massage therapists and myotherapists apply trigger point therapy to reduce muscle tension and ease the pain. The trigger point therapy Melbourne involves the application of direct pressure to some points on the tender muscle tissue. Stress, inflammation, infections, imbalance in electrolyte or trauma may activate the muscle trigger points, thus leading to pain and discomfort on the affected muscle or another body part.

Should I try out trigger point therapy Melbourne?

It comes handy for people whose muscles have active trigger points. Such muscles are usually weaker than other muscles and underused. Because of this, the body automatically assigns new muscles to do the work of the weakened muscles.  Then the secondary muscles get over-stressed and will end up with trigger points too, except the original muscles are treated. 

Trigger point therapy Melbourne is effective in relieving pains from the knee, joints, muscles, shoulders, neck, and back, as well as sciatica and tension headaches.

Are the results from trigger point therapy immediate?

How people respond to trigger point therapy differs. The therapy will run for a short time for people with fresh injuries or current conditions.  However, in chronic conditions that involve serious pains, a comprehensive first treatment is necessary. Plus thereafter subsequent continuous monthly treatments to monitor the progress.

How painful is trigger point therapy Melbourne?

It is easy to detect the taut bands of the muscles with trigger points on palpation. Thus, pain is quickly reduced using sustained compression on the tissue in consideration, say for about 30-90 seconds. While the therapist will try to reduce the discomfort by adopting the right position, the compression may still be a bit painful. 

Interested in Trigger Point Therapy Melbourne? Feel free to speak to your trigger point therapist for more information.

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